Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rhonda & Amy's Birthday Party Blog Hop!! The Last Hop Stop...

 Welcome to the Birthday Party Blog Hop for Rhonda and Amy!!

You made it to THE LAST STOP in the HOP!!  :)
 Time for the Party Games to BEGIN....

Once upon a time (okay, once upon two times nearly a decade apart), two girls were born... These girls were both visited by their fairy godmothers and granted very special talents... One was given the talent of creating the most beautiful mini scrapbook albums while the other was given the talent of creating some really amazing explosion boxes... Each of these girls would one day begin blogging, and this is how they would meet...

Somewhere over the rainbow, you'll find the lovely Rhonda... Where scrap happens and paper flies... And somewhere near the zoo, you'll find dear Amy... Where giraffes prance and frolic to her heart's content...

One day, these two lives collided and Rhonda and Amy have become forever friends!! Lovely Rhonda had this incredible idea for a new twist on a challenge blog, so she contacted dear Amy and asked her to take care of the "technical" side... For many months, they have enjoyed CELEBRATING the get-togethers and parties that make life fun by showcasing the DECORATIONS that others share... And THAT is how the Decorate to Celebrate! challenge blog began...

Today, it's time to CELEBRATE good times and good friends with this "BIRTHDAY PARTY" Blog Hop and Birthday Project Link-Up that will last all month long!! Rhonda, who is turning the big 5-0 this year deserves a month-long celebration, don't ya think??? And Amy, who will forever stay 29 (for the 12th time) has always been a BIG believer in the "Birth-month Celebration"... Soooooo... After the hop has ended, you'll be able to create a "Birthday Party" themed project and LINK IT UP right HERE at the Decorate To Celebrate! challenge blog!! Usually, your entry needs to be a decoration or party supply, but THIS MONTH (and this month only), you can link up ANY Birthday Party project (cards, layouts, 3D Art...). We'll be giving out some Birthday Presents all month long, but you'll need to enter to WIN!!

Rhonda and Amy have assembled a few of their creative friends to join them on this Birthday Party Adventure through Bloggie-Land... Along the way, you'll find some incredibly creative projects to celebrate Rhonda and Amy... If you came here from Amy (the December Birthday Girl), then you are in the right spot!! If you are just checking in here at DTC or are reading this via email, we'd love for you to join the PARTY so CLICK HERE to start at Rhonda's Blog so you don't miss any of the FUN!!

Now that you've finished up the hop, we have a FUN little game for you...  To be eligible to WIN our GRAND PRIZE for the hop, you needed to leave a comment on each post in the hop...  Now, let's see if you can match all the projects to WHO made them!!  All you have to do is leave a comment telling us who made each of the following projects (comment moderation will be enabled so everyone has a fair chance in the drawing)...  We'll draw one person who gets them all correct for a SURPRISE treat!! 
*** You will still be eligible for our BIRTHDAY MONTH GRAND PRIZE all month long; however, here are the participants who answered our Project Match-Up correctly:
Claire, Jackie, Becky, Linda, Melissa, Tami B, Judy, Lisa (who noticed that 2 of the pictures had accidentally been deleted in the very beginning -- THANK YOU!!)
Rather than pick just ONE of you -- Would ALL OF YOU please email me your address so that I can send you EACH a Birthday Card and Stamp!!  Thanks so much!!  Amy's email is scrapbookingwithamy (at) gmail (dot) com...

Project #1:

Project #2:

Project #3:

Project #4:

Project #5:

Project #6:

Project #7:

Project #8:

Project #9:

Project #10:

Project #11:

Project #12:

Project #13:
Project #14:
Project #15:

WOW -- Aren't those some truly AMAZING and FUN projects???  Guess what?!?  That's not even ALL of them!!  Be sure to visit each blog hop stop to see the rest!! :)  And remember to leave your comment with the names of who created each BEAUTIFUL project!! :)

Birthday Party Blog Hop

Here's the entire line-up!! **Please note that the following links will take you DIRECTLY to each project (in case you're joining us later in the week or month)...

  1. Rhonda (Our November Birthday Girl!!)
  2. Audrey
  3. Kacee
  4. Norma
  5. Jean
  6. Liz
  7. Sherrie
  8. CallyAnn
  9. Tracie
  10. Amy
  11. Lisa
  12. Sheena
  13. Peggy Sue
  14. Carri
  15. Amy (Our December Birthday Girl!!)
  16. Decorate To Celebrate!

*** Remember, starting TOMORROW (November 2nd), you'll be able to enter YOUR Birthday Party projects for MORE chances to WIN -- We can't WAIT to see what YOU create!! :)


  1. Everyone did the most unbeievable projects for your birthday hop!!! I truly enjoyed visiting everyone and hopping with you all!!! It was such fun, and I know Amy and Rhonda just have to feel truly special after all your friends did such an amazing job for your birthdays!!!

  2. These are all such awesome projects.
    DIANA L.

  3. Great Projects everyone! You all did a fabulous job! Have fun Hopping!

    Hugs, Sheena - Dew Drops & Glue Dots

  4. What an awesome hop...I enjoyed being a part of it with such amazing crafters!!

    1. Jean
    2. CallyAnn
    3. Carri
    4. Sheena
    5. Sherrie
    6. Audrey
    7. Norma
    8. Me (Lisa) :D
    9. Kacee
    10. Amy V
    11. Peggy Sue
    12. Rhonda
    13. Tracey
    14. (no project showing)

    Thanks Rhonda and Amy for hosting such a great hop and happy birthday :)


  5. Thanks so much for having me on this hop!! I am off to see all of the great projects.

  6. Super projects, love the vintage 1961 - '61 rocks! he he he. I can't wait to start this blog hop, loving hopping along.

  7. Great hop and projects -- can't wait until tomorrow! Here are my matches:
    Project #1 -- Jean (5)
    2 -- CallyAnn (8)
    3 -- Carri (14)
    4 -- Sheena (12)
    5 -- Sherrie (7)
    6 -- Audrey (2)
    7 -- Norma 4
    8 -- Lisa (11)
    9 -- Kacee (3)
    10 -- Amy (15)
    11 -- PeggySue (13)
    12 -- Rhonda (1)
    13 -- Tracie (9)
    14 -- Amy (10)
    15 -- Liz (6)
    jejaeb at cfl dot rr dot com

  8. Rhonda #12
    Peggy Sue-11
    great job ladies!

  9. Whoo hoo, I have completed the hop and everyone's project was great!!!

    1. Jean
    2. Call Ann
    3. Carri
    4. Sheena
    5. Sherri
    6. Audrey
    7. Norma
    8. Lisa
    9. Kacee
    10. Amy Love to crop
    11. Peggie Sue
    12. Rhonda
    13. Tracie
    14. Amy's Crafting Space
    15. Liz

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!
    mzcherub at gmail dot com

  10. Loved all the projects

  11. what a great job... im impressed :) here is the list
    1. Jean
    2. Cally Ann
    3. Carri
    4. Sheena
    5. Sherrie
    6. Audrey
    9. Kacee
    10. Amy
    13 Tracie
    14. Amys Crafting
    lindaplusthree at yahoo dot com

  12. Done with The Hop! Happy b-day to All!Great projects, joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

  13. What a fabulous hop! So many fun projects! I would love any and all of them for my birthday :) What sweet friends you have invited for this hop. I was already following all but 2 or 3 of these blogs - great minds think alike :)

    Project #1 Jean
    Project #2 CallyAnn
    Project #3 Carri
    Project #4 Sheena
    Project #5 Sherrie
    Project #6 Audrey
    Project #7 Norma
    Project #8 Lisa
    Project #9 Kacee
    Project #10 Amy (birthday girl)
    Project #11 Peggy Sue
    Project #12 Rhonda
    Project #13 Tracie
    Project #14 Amy
    Project #15 Liz

    Thanks for this fun hop and for the fun game :)

    rebeccadunham at hotmail dot com

  14. WOW!! all amazing projects and I sure had lots of FUN!! checking out all the talented ladies blogs and projects!!! Thank you Rhonda and Amy!!

  15. I am leaving the lineup of projects and who created them:
    #1 - Jean
    #2 - CallyAnn
    #3 - Cari
    #4 - Sheena
    #5 - Sherrie
    #6 - Audrey
    #7 - Norma
    #8 - Lisa
    #9 - Kacee
    #10- Amy
    #11- PeggySue
    #12- Rhonda
    #13- Tracie
    #14- Amy
    #15- Liz
    Fabulous Job ladies!

    Jackie ;)

  16. Hi Girls! I hope you had a fun time blog hopping on your very own hop! I know I loved to see what every one made for you- best birthday wishes to you both!! And bloggy hugs

  17. SPECIAL people with SPECIAL birthdays deserve a SPECIAL Birthday Blog HOP & you girls deserve it 100%. This was great fun, the projects were over the top and I enjoyed the creativity out there. I think I need another jar for 60 + sucks!!! Thanks, Claire


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